Dr. Thea Quiray Tagle is available for writing and curatorial assignments, as well as speaking engagements and short-term residencies/visits which can include a mixture of  lecture, interactive exercises, workshop, film / visual art/ performance screenings, and seminar. She has designed and facilitated art and activism workshops for over ten years in college and community settings, and has delivered presentations and workshops at varied venues such as the Museum of Pop Culture, the Palimpsests 2 Filipino Studies Conference, and the Alpha Phi Omega Alumna Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. She can facilitate conversations around topics including but not limited to: representations of race, gender, sexuality, and class in popular culture and the media; critical art history and cultural studies; urban renewal projects and housing rights struggles; community engaged art practice and socially responsive curation; 20th and 21st century social movements; intersectionality and diversity in higher education; and Filipino and Filipino American history. For inquiries, please be in touch here.